Emma Bond is the UK’s leading Online Business Strategist and Mentor

With over 15 years’ experience in growing brands, from global giants to startup businesses, and having created two successful online businesses of her own, she has a passion to help more women create a business and life they love for freedom, family and fulfilment.

I get where you’ve been and where you are.  I’ve been there too.

When I first started my consulting business years ago I was selling my time by the hour or day rate, taking any work offered to me, not knowing if I’d even be able to pay my bills next month, let alone create a sales forecast.  Even though I was busy, busy, busy all the time.

I spent a fortune doing qualifications and courses but still had so much self-doubt if I was ready or could pull it off.

I created fancy websites, dabbled in social media, created a ton of different services and offers.  I had something for everyone, and yet very few people bought!

I was ‘winging it’.  I had no plan, no strategy and I felt like my dream of being a successful entrepreneur was slipping through my fingers.


When you take the time to get strategic, you’ll discover there is a right way of building your business that gets you the result you want, without stress, overwhelm and selling your soul.

You’ll know how to leverage all your experience and unique ‘you-ness’ to attract the people you can and really want to help.   Plus, how to put in place the systems and structures that enable you to get your message and services out to the world in a much bigger way.

You CAN create a rewarding business that allows you to better the lives of the people you help and live your own life the way you want to.

Welcome to my world of Business Architecture, where building your dream business is like building your dream home – strategic, structured and scalable.

Imagine you are building your dream home

You have a vision for your grand design, but you don’t know how to build it.

So, you employ an architect to create a blueprint.

Your architect designs and plans out every detail, knows what to do and when and how to get the best finishing result.  She has designed many masterpieces before and knows the structures, systems, tools to use and will guide every step of the process.

All you have to do is fill it with all the fresh flowers, scented candles and cosy throws, that make your heart and soul happy.

You wouldn’t just say to a bunch of builders, come and start laying some bricks and we will decide each day what we feel like doing, NO because you’d end up with a mud shack!

This is why I created my Business Architect Blueprint, a COMPLETE plan with step-by-step actions that will give you confidence and clarity to build your business in a way that is intentional, profitable and scalable.


My purpose is to guide you to; 

Build and connect with your audience

Become an authority and influencer

Consistently attract new dream clients

Create services that people will buy

Build a powerful brand that gets noticed

Get over the tech and master online and social marketing


…so you can build and scale your dream business AND life, for the long term.


Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to build a solid business strategy, which has allowed them to:

gain clarity and control

make more money

have more freedom to step away from the day to day

create a business that makes positive impact in the world

If you found your way to my website, it wasn’t an accident.

You are here because you know in your heart there is something better for you out there, another way to make things work.

You want the freedom to see the world, enjoy precious moments with your family, escape the ‘norm’ and the hustle of the rate race. You want to do something that lights you up when you talk about it, where you get paid to be your best self. You want to feel free from worry, doubt and fear.

And you want to feel content.  Because you did it.  And have no regrets.

With you all the way.

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